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MHFA Rehabilitation Loan Program

*This program is currently out of funding. Applicants for this program will be placed on a waiting list.*

Purpose: Loans to resident homeowners for basic and necessary home improvements.


* Residence: Applicants must own the property and it must be their principal place of residence.
* Assets: Assets may not exceed $25,000
* Maximum income: Income limits vary by household size. Income may not exceed $24,700 for a family of 4.

Loan Terms:

* Deferred loan with no monthly payments
* 0% interest rate
* Maximum loan amount of $27,000
* Loan is forgiven after a period of fifteen years of continued homestead, unless:
         * Property is sold prior to the 15 year period
         * In the event the title of the property is transferred, or
         * The property ceases to be the homeowner's principle place of residence

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